Davisburg United  Methodist Church

Rekindle the Flame


We were told by Christ himself to “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations…” and for 170 years the faith community here at Davisburg UMC has been doing just that. With compassion and love we are spreading the love of Christ to this lost, hurt and broken world we live in.

The spire of our church stands high and illuminated within the center of our community calling out to all and lighting the way for salvation to be found.  It is an invitation for you to come join us in worship and to offer sanctuary to the weary and searching.  The peace you are seeking, the peace of Christ, can and is found within and we are waiting to share it with you.

When you join us, you will find an enthusiastic, loving people who have been waiting to embrace you in righteousness.

May God Bless you and we’ll see you soon!

Rev. Eric Miller


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While waiting for his wife, Nanette's, recovery after a simple procedure Pastor Eric found himself in the midst of a battle for her health as Nanette's heart rate dropped to 32 beats a minute and her blood pressure wouldn't stabilize, bouncing all over the place.
5 Hours later, they found themselves, by ambulance, in the hospital, where she was admitted to the ICU for care and while that care was taking place she threw a pulmonary embolism, severely reducing her ability to breath.
From the days leading up to the procedure, on the way to and during the procedure and throughout the entire event he never stopped praying.  Realizing that he could do nothing other than receive and process the info from the doctors, his choices were limited at best in what he could do.
As for Nanette, she was at the mercy of the doctors and foggy throughout the entire time.
Prayer...that was all he could do.  Sit by himself while she was in for tests, hold Nanette's hand and pray with her when she returned and throughout the night as he woke to check on her with the rotation of the nurses...prayer.
It was his first response and his second inclination and his lasting way to make it through.
He set Nanette in God's hands and prayed; not in a formal matter but in a real, on the streets, down and dirty way that brought him to the place of peace and understanding that no matter what happened next, it was going to be alright.
"I don't know what's going to happen, but it will all work out." Is two statements of faith. 1 is "I don't know" and 2 is "it's going to be alright."

Nanette is on the mend and doing well this day and has returned to work in a limited capacity until she returns to 100%. Making it through this event has brought an even deeper meaning of the power of prayer to not only my walk of faith but to the power of healing that prayer brought not only to Nanette, but in the strength it provided for me to be on this part of my journey.